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Newsletter February 2015

Play and Learn

Use your child's energy to practice following directions: clap your hands above your head, crawl over the cushion, skip around the chair, hop on one leg, wag your tongue, duck behind the sofa, take off your shoes and put them in the closet.

Describe things that you see or feel: rough-smooth, soft-hard, wet-dry, heavy-light, empty-full, tall-short, clean-dirty, red-blue, square-circle, inside-outside, sunny-rainy.

Sort pieces of clothing while doing the laundry: by colour, when they are used (for sports, dressy occasions, work) and who they belong to.

Count each kind of cutlery when you set the table.

Read lift-the-flab or touch-and-feel books. Talk about the pictures. 

Act out stories with puppets or toys.


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Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
— Margaret Fuller


Parents, if you know of any neighbourhood children who are NOT receiving our books, please tell them about FWB.

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