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How to Choose Best Read Aloud Books For Kindergarten

A child’s mind is like a sponge. It absorbs things easily and quickly, and its curiosity cannot be quenched. It is important that the things it absorbs are positive. Few things are as positive as read-aloud books. They are not only fun and interesting but also full of positive ideas that will shape the child’s personality.

Some read-aloud books for kindergarteners are better than others. Here are some tips to help you find the best kindergarten books to read aloud.

  1. Look at the Titles
  2. The kids should be excited about the book even before you read it to them. The best way to pick their interest is with a catchy title. The best read aloud for kindergarten have titles that spark their imagination and curiosity.

    The titles should be suggestive so that the kids have an idea of what to expect. You should hold them in suspense for some time and ask them to guess what the book is about – if they are all abuzz, you’ll know that you picked the right title.

  3. Learn about the Characters
  4. It is not unusual for kindergarteners to try to live up to fictional characters such as Cinderella. Characters make up the main aspects of any story. This is why you should pick your characters wisely.

    Take some time to learn more about the characters featured in the read aloud books. What are their roles? How do they deal with the circumstances facing them? Are they positive and inspirational? The characters should be exemplary persons, the sort that you would like your child to live up to. Remember, children emulate what they see.

  5. Go for Universal Themes
  6. The world is becoming more interconnected and global. There is need for everyone everywhere to share certain values. The future generations will be even more interconnected and interdependent than we are, so train them early.

    As such, go for a read aloud book for kindergarten that espouses universal themes such as friendship, tolerance, and generosity. Make them understand that everyone deserves kindness, and this will help them see the world from a positive perspective – there is already enough hate and bigotry in the world as it is.

  7. Colorful Pictures
  8. What good are read aloud books for kindergarten if they do not have colorful pictures? The kids will find them boring right off the bat.

    Kids need help with their imagination – this is why virtually all read along books for kindergarten come with vibrant pictures. Like the characters, the pictures should be positive and inspirational. Remember, people have different perspectives of pictures, so ensure that the pictures in your book do not arouse any bad ideas.

  9. Activities Anyone?
  10. You don’t expect kids to sit through the entire reading without losing their concentration, do you? At some point, they will want to chat with their friends or even get up and play. However, you can retain their attention for longer if you give them something just as fun and more productive to do. This is why it helps to have activity recommendations on the kindergarten books to read aloud.

    Some of the common fun activities in kindergarten books include singing, making signs with hands, and even making facial expressions, among others. This will not only get the kids in the mindset but also make reading all the more fun.

    Not all kindergarten books contain activity recommendations, so you may need to do some research or peruse the pages before purchasing. Simple books do not need activities.

  11. Chapter Books with Discussions and Reflections
  12. Kindergarteners’ minds are more advanced than those of pre-schoolers. They can handle longer reads and even transition through several chapters. As such, consider going for read aloud chapter books for kindergarten.

    Chapter books can be just as fun as ordinary cumulative tales – on a side note; you should also really consider cumulative stories that build suspension and anticipation. They too feature positive characters and brilliant pictures. They also have one more thing to bring to the table: discussions and reflection. At the end of the story, you should pick the kids’ minds and ask them what they think about the story. This is what gets kids learning.

If you want to find the right read, follow this guide. You can also seek help from professional who have experience with good reads.

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