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Newsletter October 2014

Dealing with Your Child's Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of a child's behavioural and emotional development. How can you help to put childhood fears to rest?


  • Give your child a cuddle and some reassurance. Never dismiss fears as silly.


  • Ask him to talk about what worries him. Listening can give you the details you need to banish a specific fear. You might discover, for example, that his dread of the water is actually a fear of sea monsters, which you can explain don't live in swimming pools or lakes


  • If he is afraid of the dark, use a night light or put a flashlight under his pillow.


  • If she is terrified of the neighbour's dog, let her watch you pet the dog, and invite her to join you. You might have to do this several times before she is willing to approach.


  • If she is anxious about a new situation (nursery school, a party), tell her beforehand what she might expect to happen. Let her bring a stuffed animal for security, and even spend some time on your lap before she joins in.


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