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Newsletter - August 2014

Bringing the gift of reading to children in Leeds and Grenville

Parenting Your Preschooler

Be Consistent

When you're not being consistent with your routine, preschoolers get confused and may act out more or throw more temper tantrums. If sometimes you let them watch TV until 8:00 pm and sometimes you don't, they don't understand.

Focus on the Positive

It's easy to hone in on your child's negative actions -- like yelling and screaming -- and ignore the good ones. Parents say, 'Don't hit. Don't throw. “

Notice when your child is doing something positive, and reward the good behaviour by your praise, or by giving your child a big hug. Tell your child, "I like the way you sat quietly and listened", or "That was good when you were so friendly to the little boy on the playground."

Don’t Give in to Whining

Does it drive you crazy when you’re preparing dinner and your child starts crying, "I wanna go to the park”?

Giving in to whining only reinforces the attention-getting behavior. Your child will figure out which buttons to push, and push them over and over again. You can respond by saying, “We’ll go to the park tomorrow afternoon if the weather is good.” Then try to distract her: “Would you help me toss the salad?”

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors and Advertisers in the first half of 2014

  • The United Way of Leeds and Grenville$2,500.00
  • Children’s Mental Health of Leeds Grenville$480.25
  • The United Way of Ottawa$281.00
  • Canarm Ltd.$275.00
  • Upper Canada District School Board$200.00
  • Strader-Ferris Customs Brokerage$200.00
  • Thousand Island Quilters$200.00
  • Brockville YMCA$150.00
  • Beta Sigma Phi, Preceptor Xi Chapter$100.00
  • Easton’s Corners United Church Women$25.00

... and to all the individuals who supported children's literacy.

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Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
— Margaret Fuller


Parents, if you know of any neighbourhood children who are NOT receiving our books, please tell them about FWB.

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