Fun With Books wants to encourage writers as well as readers!

Fun with Books welcomes submissions by writers and illustrators for our home-grown library. Stories submitted to us should be appropriate to children under the age of 5, and should be 16 pages long. An editorial board reviews the works and decides which stories we will publish. We do not charge either the author or illustrator for publishing their work.

Some writers illustrate their own work, while others call on the talents of friends or family members. We also have a number of talented artists who will work with writers to produce a visually pleasing story.

We do not pay either authors or artists for their work, and ask them to sign over the rights to their book and pictures. We do provide some copies free of charge to the story's creator(s) and will arrange for additional copies to be available for the cost of the printing.

Fun with Books also sells books at promotional events in Brockville after all the registered families have received their free copy. After printing costs are deducted, the author and illustrator will receive one half of the remainder, with Fun with Books investing the rest in future programs.

You can view our previously published works here.

Our Recent Publications

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